Weird government safety videos (ft. Ian Kung)

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  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus Johnson

    4 kuukautta sitten

    follow me on twitch or i will throw an old tv at you: twitch.tv/gusjohnson

    • Kunisake


      2 kuukautta sitten

      Please do. It's the only way to feel something

    • Josh Schneider

      Josh Schneider

      2 kuukautta sitten


    • ThatOneGuy


      2 kuukautta sitten


    • Preston Williams

      Preston Williams

      2 kuukautta sitten

      What if i want an old tv so i can watch more videos

    • J-エリコ


      2 kuukautta sitten


  2. Slagathor


    6 tuntia sitten

    an old CRT actually did fall on me when I was a kid, it landed on my legs which didn't hurt at all but I was just pinned there for a few minutes.

  3. Nickman2933


    16 tuntia sitten

    Umm magnets are extremely dangerouse for me bc i have a pacemaker

  4. Julian James-Arlo

    Julian James-Arlo

    Päivä sitten

    Pffff that tv situation actually happened to my dad when he was a kid

  5. Acro has a tablespoon

    Acro has a tablespoon

    Päivä sitten

    this is ironic considering that the police are from time to time actively killing children. Look up Adam Toledo

  6. Renne Vangr

    Renne Vangr

    Päivä sitten

    I actually know an idiot that got his small intestines perforated with magnets. He wasn't even young, 21, just really really stupid.

  7. Shibby120


    Päivä sitten


  8. Kamillo


    2 päivää sitten

    How Final Destination 6 looks in real life.

  9. Matthew Isabella

    Matthew Isabella

    4 päivää sitten

    that, ladies and gentlemen, is your tax dollars at use

  10. Aaron Beasley Cinematography

    Aaron Beasley Cinematography

    5 päivää sitten

    Teddy fresh!

  11. FPV.Mike


    5 päivää sitten

    i like how gus and ian have the same teeth

  12. Dexter Grif

    Dexter Grif

    7 päivää sitten

    What I learned from the magnet video is that if you only eat one you’ll be good

  13. Bryce H.

    Bryce H.

    7 päivää sitten

    I like how there are only two glugs in "Glug ... Glug ... Glug"

  14. Slaymyface135


    7 päivää sitten

    11:34 yep definitely not the needles he was sticking himself with

  15. Shaggy Owen

    Shaggy Owen

    8 päivää sitten

    “We do be livin in a society”

  16. Damon Billington

    Damon Billington

    9 päivää sitten

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has probably the absolute best twitter I've ever seen.

  17. Copper Droplet

    Copper Droplet

    9 päivää sitten

    There is always something about hearing someone eat or drink something that makes me want to smash the glass or plate over their head, maybe there should be a psa about consuming quietly.

  18. [insert] calamity

    [insert] calamity

    9 päivää sitten

    Funny guy

  19. mystery horse

    mystery horse

    9 päivää sitten

    Gus:...Government safety videos tha- Ian:Oh😐 Comedy at its finest

  20. this man

    this man

    9 päivää sitten

    They should have a safety video on me because I'll eat your kids if I have to

  21. Im Awkward

    Im Awkward

    9 päivää sitten

    The video about the tv thing yeah that happened to me OADBDOHCKSABA

  22. Cole M

    Cole M

    10 päivää sitten

    What annoys me about the Glug... Glug...Glug video is that he only gluged twice

  23. wasteland raider

    wasteland raider

    10 päivää sitten

    That baseball music one got me

  24. Tye Hughes

    Tye Hughes

    10 päivää sitten

    This has actually happened to my little brother

  25. Sssnipercat 123

    Sssnipercat 123

    10 päivää sitten


  26. Tosipahamorso


    11 päivää sitten

    I actually liked the water one. Pure drinking water straight from the tap can be concidered a luxury.

  27. Dilly Mackey

    Dilly Mackey

    11 päivää sitten

    The first few safety videos that Gus and Ian talked about in this video are really messed up.

  28. CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed

    CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed

    11 päivää sitten

    I learned how to kill myself with magnets, if only i was still a teen

  29. debb28


    11 päivää sitten

    Gus looks like me in 10 to 20 years...dang I’m handsome in the future!

  30. PitSnake


    11 päivää sitten

    I can never figure out how old Gus is

  31. yup sure

    yup sure

    12 päivää sitten

    Oh I like eddys new hoodie

  32. Liquify


    12 päivää sitten

    Who else smiled when he said “smile guys”? 😂

  33. kirby chu

    kirby chu

    12 päivää sitten

    First scene of the first saftey video happened to me in my sisters room when I was 5 exept her dresser was double the size. Edit: the TV went over my head and I didn't cry but yelled for help to get it off me for like 5 minutes.

  34. Cade Wells

    Cade Wells

    12 päivää sitten

    i'm going to eat a magnet

  35. Pitch Black

    Pitch Black

    13 päivää sitten

    I mean, I had a CRT TV fall on my head and I was fine... I mean I’m not fine but it had nothing to do with that TV falling on my head when I was maybe 5 or 7 years old.

  36. Roughman


    13 päivää sitten

    PSA stands for Prostate-specific antigen. Now it all starts to make sense

  37. Brain of a crow

    Brain of a crow

    13 päivää sitten

    Them: Magnets are dangerous to teens Me: *Flash back to middle school when some kid dropped their locker magnet and it went under my beak and caused me to slide and fall down in the middle of the hallway* “Mhm yep very dangerous”

  38. GraniteJet


    13 päivää sitten

    Domestic terrorists: “THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS HERE TO ENSLAVE YOU AND TAKE AWAY YER GUNS!” The Federal Government:

  39. NeonBee


    13 päivää sitten

    I’m ninety percent sure the water one was just about finishing the water you pour.

  40. Doctor Doctor

    Doctor Doctor

    14 päivää sitten

    I’m now scared of my dresser falling

  41. PhaZe_Lawless


    14 päivää sitten

    The box tv thing happens to me when I was little I was turning up the volume and couldn’t reach and had to climb the dresser and it landed on my face and hert like a bitch and my mom came in the room and started pulling things off me and I’ve had bloody noses since and it’s been 10 years

  42. Gayboi Greyboi

    Gayboi Greyboi

    15 päivää sitten

    As a dumb 8 year old, I swallowed a magnetic ball bearing. I couldn't fathom doing as a teen.

  43. Beatrice Strelow

    Beatrice Strelow

    15 päivää sitten

    Its true, I was the baby

  44. akatsukiguy64


    15 päivää sitten

    Fun fact I accidentally swollowed the ball magnets

  45. donttalktomebye


    16 päivää sitten

    Bird Martinez still hasn't reached her goal on gofundme!

  46. Jack Tiemann

    Jack Tiemann

    16 päivää sitten

    Kirby Pucket. He's Dead.

  47. Brenden Bragg

    Brenden Bragg

    17 päivää sitten

    Cody and Noel look weird in this video

  48. JMankz


    17 päivää sitten

    In Australia, to stop teens/young adults drunk driving/doing stupid shit while driving, they show real footage of cops picking up clumps of flesh live leak style in crash scenes that are desaturated and shown in quick flashes like a saw movie. They also have annual live reenactments in a stadium with fake blood shown to school children. It worked so well that in about 10 years deaths from it dropped down by around 50%. To maintain it, they get heavily scarred victims with ruined lives from young adult drunk drivers to go around sharing how much their children are financially and emotionally fucked because of idiots who think getting an uber home is too pussy for their fragile masculinity.

  49. Margarida Rodrigues

    Margarida Rodrigues

    18 päivää sitten

    Great video cody!

  50. Stewie Pup

    Stewie Pup

    18 päivää sitten

    I was almost crushed by a dresser and tv when I was 6. I wish my parents watched more youtube videos ):

  51. Creature of Habit [CoH]

    Creature of Habit [CoH]

    18 päivää sitten

    Fun Fact - Some guy had to go to the ER because he stuck a whole thread of those magnet beads up his urethra and got a bunch of them stuck in his bladder or something.

  52. Brenda Reed

    Brenda Reed

    19 päivää sitten

    The bookcase protected the child.

  53. James Barnousky

    James Barnousky

    19 päivää sitten

    Imagine growing up to be a government agent and this is what you do.

  54. cup


    19 päivää sitten

    7:34 I mean, that 15 year old did shove 52 magnet balls up his urethra and I'm pretty sure he almost died

  55. SkySlasher


    19 päivää sitten

    that organ sounds like Goofy hyperventilating

  56. aridnie


    19 päivää sitten

    I have a vivid memory of that magnet psa.

  57. LEGO head 27

    LEGO head 27

    20 päivää sitten

    Is that ProZD?

  58. Piccleface222


    20 päivää sitten

    Tbh... ...why does a kid have a tv in their room anyways?

  59. BeccStarittA xox

    BeccStarittA xox

    20 päivää sitten

    The end was really kind good on you Gus

  60. King Moto

    King Moto

    20 päivää sitten

    I use to think Gus was 38-40 years old,,, now I think he’s just an old ass 25 year old😂🤣

  61. Eliaswinstheworld SamualAdams

    Eliaswinstheworld SamualAdams

    21 päivä sitten

    I thought glug ... glug ... glug ... was about someone choking on water at first.

  62. Eliaswinstheworld SamualAdams

    Eliaswinstheworld SamualAdams

    21 päivä sitten

    THE GOVERNMENT IS FUNDING CORPORATIONS TO TAKE AWAY OUR FAMILIES!!! There we go, was that a good conspiracy theorist sounding sentence?



    22 päivää sitten

    your mustache is making me uncomfortable

  64. Void Mystic

    Void Mystic

    22 päivää sitten

    The food label one was so good lol

  65. Gaanii


    22 päivää sitten

    That exact goddamn TV scenario happened to my brother, had to pull his little ass back because i also happened to be sitting in front of the tv. We’re good now

  66. MatthewRein1


    22 päivää sitten

    That sink in the second video had some of the best Laminar flow out of a stock sink I’ve ever seen. Wonderful.

  67. it's me Vicky

    it's me Vicky

    23 päivää sitten

    Bowl cut

  68. DasNeueFeuer


    23 päivää sitten

    This video made me thirsty for some hecking water! I guess it really is worth protecting...

  69. ChrisHatesYouGaming


    23 päivää sitten

    3rd one is serious and i learned something

  70. Jorge Ramos

    Jorge Ramos

    23 päivää sitten

    5:52 is it just me but I thought the guy was just gonna die and they were gonna say check if your water is filtered or your gonna be this guy

  71. Murph


    24 päivää sitten

    1:30 that ACTUALLY happened to me when I was younger. same size tv too, luckily it didnt fall all the way but I couldve gotten really hurt if I actually climbed it completely.

  72. Michael F

    Michael F

    24 päivää sitten

    It’s a lie i have eaten a magnet before and I am mostly ok

  73. Yaboi Czar

    Yaboi Czar

    24 päivää sitten

    Me looking at the date this video was released and realized they weren't wearing masks Wait that's illegal.

  74. Nolan Davidson

    Nolan Davidson

    24 päivää sitten

    Gus looks like a discount Jax Teller and I love it

  75. David McCarthy

    David McCarthy

    24 päivää sitten

    I almost did this 5 mins ago

  76. KingCarpGaming


    24 päivää sitten

    RIP Kirby Puckett

  77. Black lotus into three charging badgers

    Black lotus into three charging badgers

    24 päivää sitten

    See this fork, it can put holes in your stomach

  78. Madrick Musgrove

    Madrick Musgrove

    25 päivää sitten

    1:36 The babies head gone

  79. Federal bureau of investigation

    Federal bureau of investigation

    25 päivää sitten

    Love the smile

  80. anDREas17gr


    26 päivää sitten

    the only way out of this I see is dont let the kids inside! Ive been saying this for years

  81. Jack Bradley

    Jack Bradley

    27 päivää sitten

    I'm actually related to Roger Clemens

  82. Lord Zacarius

    Lord Zacarius

    27 päivää sitten

    This video removed me from my mortal body, I am now an ethereal being

  83. Chorli Borli

    Chorli Borli

    27 päivää sitten

    what webcam / camera do you use?

  84. Lorenzo Heald

    Lorenzo Heald

    29 päivää sitten

    The water PSA was for tap water safety, probably.

  85. Xzerkces


    29 päivää sitten

    The weight of the television is what destabilized the shelf, making it top heavy enough, to allow a toddler to pull it over. Toddlers being bonked on the head or squooshed by furniture is not fwunny. It is seewious!

  86. can rope it ranching Oxbow ranch

    can rope it ranching Oxbow ranch

    29 päivää sitten

    This video is why natural selection does not work anymore and why we have a bunch of dumb millennials

  87. Dylan Bethman

    Dylan Bethman

    29 päivää sitten

    Need more angles of the thumb in eye situation

  88. Sweet Beats

    Sweet Beats

    Uukausi sitten

    my question is how they have 7k subs

  89. BerryTheWolf


    Uukausi sitten

    8:26 natural selection

  90. Ilikewalls _

    Ilikewalls _

    Uukausi sitten


  91. allgolfalot


    Uukausi sitten

    its called maximize spending

  92. Marco’s Ways

    Marco’s Ways

    Uukausi sitten

    That music on the basball video is almost like a meme out of 2020 2021

  93. Jacob Gillis

    Jacob Gillis

    Uukausi sitten

    hi imbeamba

  94. Salvage Monster

    Salvage Monster

    Uukausi sitten

    Oh another pasty white ginger on FItop ohhh yeahhh what the world needed

  95. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni

    Uukausi sitten

    12:04 says the dude who literally used magnets as jewelry

  96. Hezakigha Morgan

    Hezakigha Morgan

    Uukausi sitten

    First line I heard from Ian and already I love him.

  97. Tishalou78


    Uukausi sitten

    I don’t remember the old food label

  98. Jules K

    Jules K

    Uukausi sitten

    dude, two words: HOUSE. HIPPOS.

    • Jordyn Marie

      Jordyn Marie

      Uukausi sitten

      LITERALLY. I thought house hippos were real until I was like 15. Never put together the end of the PSA saying ‘don’t believe everything you see on TV’ or whatever, but I think it was a Canadian ad, not an American one.

  99. Midget Man

    Midget Man

    Uukausi sitten

    I feel like the water vid has to mean something about tap water being clean

  100. Nitroustejas


    Uukausi sitten

    Wow you did a collab with ProZD? Awesome!